Encino Remodel


The Encino Remodel was a collaboration with Alan McLeod and Ashley & Vance’s Santa Barbara office where the goal was to breathe new life into this aging structure.  A large covered patio was added, curved lines of the house were squared off and a significant interior change modernized the house.  During construction significant water damage was found and we worked closely with Mark Matheisen Construction to correct the problems and keep the project moving forward.  Nearly every part of the house was touched and upgraded.

As part of the remodel, several existing interior bearing walls were removed & relocated. Several existing shearwalls were affected by the remodel. A lateral analysis was performed for the affected areas of the existing structure. 

Architect: Alan Mcleod

Construction progress link: here

remodeling aging structure

interior of aging home

remodeling an old home in encino

structural engineering for home remodel in encino