Identity—Student Housing in Reno, NV


We were happy to see Identity, a new luxury student housing development, occupied by students this past school year. With its premier location, directly across the street from Lawlor Events Center at the heart of the University of Nevada, Reno’s campus, students can navigate from home to their classes with ease. The Identity complex has a covered rooftop deck with an impressive gathering space where you can take in those amazing Sierra Nevada sunsets as well as have a great vantage point for Reno’s many local area events.

The building was designed by Caron Architecture and constructed by ESI Construction, while the structural engineering portion of the project was completed by team members Tung Ng and Jordan Denio in our Reno office who served as the local knowledge in area standards and nuances for partnering contractors. We are quite proud to see this project through to the end after some tough hurdles along the way! (What’s a project without a challenge or two?)

The structure itself is the largest private student housing project built on the same street as the university, allowing ease of access to campus for hard-working students. Other similar-sized student housing is scheduled to be built in this area, providing more student community and connection nearby. The building consists of five residential floors which houses a recreation room, group study spaces, and parking garage.

Engineered features include the five-story conventional wood framing over a two-story, concrete, post-tensioned podium deck. This design utilizes high-strength steel tendons to reduce concrete usage (money-saver for the client) while increasing floor space (useful for the residents).

Above, the building is topped out (ie. structure is complete) and ready for aesthetic finishes.


As you can see, the roof is the place to watch The Great Reno Balloon Race in the fall.


Have a great summer UNR, and enjoy your apartments!