Mammoth Rock ‘n’ Bowl

Project, Reno

DSCN0102 A one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art bowling alley, restaurant, and entertainment facility located in beautiful Mammoth Lakes is nearing completion.  With three upstairs bays to handle 15-foot-by-9-foot golf/video screens; a downstairs that features 12 bowling alleys and a table-tennis area; a large restaurant upstairs, with an adjoining deck; a vast kitchen; outdoor spaces for regulation horseshoe pits and bocce ball courts; and, finally, a bank vault-looking space where patrons can play “laser maze,” Jordan Denio, P.E., had plenty to tackle while working with architect Bruce Woodward of Woodward Architecture to bring this marquee project to fruition. DSCN0103 Designing structures in Mammoth Lakes combines some the highest snow and earthquake loads in the country, and the pure size of the 26,000-square-foot project added to the challenge.  Jordan focused on addressing the high loads while maintaining efficiency and being conscious of final costs.  The design included panelized roof framing, glulam purlins and girders, steel columns, open web joists, and two-story bolted braced frames. DSCN0129 The project has been a test every step of the way, and we are excited to see it through to completion.   Come February, let the games begin!