Aerovista Building

San Luis Obispo, CA

Project Stats

The Aerovista Building project consided of two sister projects that are 35,900 sq. ft two-story office facilities. Each office building is constructed using a lateral resisting BRB (Buckling Restrained Brace) frame system consisting of (4) two story frames per building. The 892 Aerovista office building was the first permited BRB frame project in the City of San Luis Obispo paving the way for future BRB projects in the area. Prefabricated trusses were used for both the floor and roof assembly supported by steel girders at the floor level and wood girders at the roof level. The prefabrication of the BRB lateral system, steel gravity system and the prefabricated trusses allowed for quick erection on site and higher quality control in a shop built environment. Second story decks supported by conventional framing provide outdoor spaces for the upper story tenants supported by conventional framing.


Photo Credit: Dennis Swanson, Studio 101 West