Canal Commons Apartments

Bend, OR

Project Stats

Canal Commons is an affordable housing development located in Northeast Bend, Oregon. The complex includes 96 total apartment units across 4 buildings plus a community building. The project was constructed on vacant land previously owned by the City of Bend and the design required coordination with the City as the Empire Boulevard extension project was under construction at the same time. This project required the design of Thornhill Avenue, which bisects the site, and the connection of Thornhill Avenue to the future Empire Boulevard. The project also included extending water and sewer mains to the site and the installation of a pressure reducing valve for the water system. A swale system was designed to contain and infiltrate the stormwater runoff. The project borders the US Bureau of Reclamation’s North Unit Main Canal; extra design considerations were taken to limit blasting near the 130-year old canal embankments during construction.


Architect: LRS Architects

Photos: Lindsey Brunsman