To be clear, November 7th does not mark the day of the 3rd leg of the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing—that would be the Belmont Stakes. These "steaks" will be of the celebratory kind, in honor of the one they are named after, R. Paul Belmont, P.E. You may be asking yourself, "Why celebrate Paul Belmont? And does he really deserve a barbecue in his honor where steaks will be served?" Great questions. While the answers to those questions are varied and numerous, the main one grabbing our attention on November 7th is that he'll be joining our structural engineering team here at Ashley & Vance! Graduating with a degree in Architectural Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Paul comes with an extensive construction background where he's dabbled in just about all trades. He thrives on the most challenging projects, and prides himself in thinking outside the box when coming up with engineering solutions. Having recently completed designing and building two houses in Paso Robles with his father, Paul can say with confidence that he enjoys gaining experience in all aspects of the industry. When he's not busy in structural engineering design or working in his shop, he enjoys just about any outdoors activity he can find time to do. Like Ron Swanson, Paul’s approach to the outdoors is simple and straightforward. He also takes great pride in serving on the board of directors for the Young Professionals Networking Group of San Luis Obispo County, and has been doing so since it officially began in 2007. We're excited to welcome Paul to the team!