Just prior to the typical holiday break, we hosted an open house/holiday party at our new SLO office.  We expected it to be a great gathering of family, friends, clients, and colleagues--which it was!  What we didn't expect was the attendance of an infamous Christmas celebrity.Jordan-the-Grinch-(Cropped) Despite the slight resemblance to A&V's own Jordan Denio, P.E., general temperament and photo evidence confirmed that this was indeed The Grinch.  Sporting more well-kept eyebrows and sans the green skin tone, The Grinch was spotted stealing candy from children and smashing our intern's monitors.  If you see this villain, please contact the authorities immediately.  Rumor has it he'll be writing proposals, designing buildings, and managing construction projects in the "off-season," but we fully expect him to return to next year's holiday party if he's not apprehended.  Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.