For anyone who owned a TV in the 90’s, the word “roundhouse” often stirs up images of Chuck Norris in his role as Walker Texas Ranger.  Whether he was saving a child from the clutches of a ruthless drug lord, or rescuing a woman from utter peril in the wilderness, the exploits of Norris' character often involved copious roundhouse kicks.  The target mattered not--people's faces, hands clutching guns, trees in the path of travel--one of Norris' roundhouse kicks meant total destruction.

While Chuck Norris' kicking prowess is worth celebrating, the "roundhouse" we're excited about falls under a different category--it's a housing complex known as The Roundhouse Place.  Located behind Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market at the corner of South and Broad streets in San Luis Obispo, it will consist of three buildings, each including 13 units made up of studio and multi-bedroom apartments.

Our own Ian Shoebridge, P.E. worked closely with Arris Studio Architects on the design of the 39-unit complex, and last month Robbins Reed broke ground on the project.  We look forward to seeing it through to completion in March of 2013.