The largest structure Ashley & Vance has completed is just a few weeks away from opening.  Windset Farms has developed two greenhouses, very similar to the ones here that are 32 acres each. The buildings are constructed with aluminum, steel, and glass - lots of glass.  We like it when we can measure our buildings in "acres" and not square feet.  Jeff Morgan, Ian Shoebridge, and Charles Ashley teamed up with JW Design & Construction and MW Architecture, both of San Luis Obispo, to help on the structural engineering for two 32-acre greenhouses, a 175,000 sq. ft. processing facility, and a number of steel water tanks.  The largest tank can store over 2 1/2 Olympic sized swimming pools of rainwater runoff and is over fifty feet high.  We are excited to see such a state of the art facility being built here in our backyard and we welcome the additional 200+ jobs!  Maybe they will send us some good free tomatoes.You can read more about the new facility in the news here.