The Academy Palomar

San Luis Obispo, CA

Project Stats

At the start of the Academy Palomar project, the historic Sanford House on the property required preservation, relocation across the site, and significant renovation. Following this, the new housing design included six new structures spread across this hillside property comprised of 33 residential units.

This challenging site required construction of a temporarily supported, 24 foot high retaining wall for the two-story parking garage. Our civil and structural team coordinated the construction staging with the contractor to enable them to proceed in a safe and very efficient manner.

Structural Engineering: A three-story student housing project (113 beds) comprised of Type V wood framing over concrete podium. Integrated innovative shoring system to minimize soil removal as well as protection of adjacent historic structures.

Civil Engineering: The Academy Palomar civil design involved retrofitting the historic Sanford House and constructing a 33-unit apartment building. The student housing design featured seven structures on a steep hillside, with housing units over a two-story parking garage. We provided a comprehensive urban stormwater system, and coordianted with the structural team to overcome site challenges.