Chimney Rock Estate

Napa Valley, CA

Project Stats

Situated in the heart of Napa Wine Country, the Chimney Rock residence consists of multiple modular units which create a main house and guest house space. Each modular unit was built at a factory, shipped to the job site, and installed on pre-poured foundations. In addition to the modular components, the residence includes several additional structures that were too large to ship. Those pieces were constructed on site and joined to the pre-built modular units before finishes like flooring, cabinets, countertops were installed.

Modular construction can be an ideal solution for regions with harsh winters or limited construction seasons. A significant advantage of this construction method is that the majority of a structure can be built and partially finished indoors ahead of the delivery, nearly eliminating weather-related delays or complications. Additionally, this reduces the on-site construction time and, as a result, many dwellings can be completed in as little as two months after the unit leaves the factory.


Architect: Nick Noyes Architecture

Photos: Courtesy of Laura Parker