Colonia Paz II

Lebanon, OR

Project Stats

Recognized as a Daily Journal of Commerce Top Project for 2024!

Colonia Paz (“Community of Peace”) is a 140-unit affordable housing community sitting on nearly 9 acres in the middle of Lebanon, OR. Designed in conjunction with the Farmworker Housing Development Corporation, this project includes full ADA accessibility throughout, a central communal space with a basketball court, playground, seating, and BBQ areas, and an absolutely stunning mural by Hector Hernandez.

In the Willamette Valley, where the average rainfall tops 50″ per year, stormwater is top of mind during site development and is typically collected into a public system then either piped to waters of the state or to regional ponds. In the case of Colonia Paz, the site was too low to utilize the existing public stormwater system. In addition, the high groundwater table (3′-4′ below the ground surface) created additional design challenges. The Ashley & Vance Engineering team had to think outside the box to successfully handle both onsite and offsite stormwater around the complex. After considering multiple options, the team decided to utilize a series of onsite swales as well as multiple underground stormwater chambers to store and infiltrate stormwater runoff. In total, 488 individual chambers across two separate systems were located beneath parking lots to contain stormwater. When the stormwater systems reach capacity, they are designed to overflow to a 4′ deep, 1/4-acre pond at the northeast corner of the site. While these engineered systems may go unnoticed by tenants, they are carefully designed to prevent flooding and keep residents safe no matter the weather.

Ashley & Vance Engineering performed both civil and structural engineering services on this important community project.


Architect: Pinnacle Architecture

Contractor: LMC Construction

Developer: Farmworker Housing Development Corporation

Photography: Sally Painter