Desolation Hotel

South Lake Tahoe, California

Project Stats

Located blocks from Heavenly Mountain Resort and Lakeside Beach on Lake Tahoe’s south shore, the Desolation Hotel is a unique, eco-friendly destination in one of California’s most beautiful regions. From the beginning, the structural team from the Ashley & Vance Engineering Reno office were part of the design team for this special project. With structural features accentuated into design elements, such as cantilevered concrete sidewalks, patios overhanging the street, exposed steel columns, and glue-lam beams, the hotel has a unique aesthetic that perfectly compliments the rustic setting.

In addition to the design characteristics, great effort was made by the entire design team to preserve the existing mature trees on the property. With some trees going through building eves, the structural team was responsible for considering each tree’s root structure and canopy size, wind sway, and growth rate in addition to the eve code, snow loads, and wind loads in the high seismic zone.

  • Cantilevered patios and angled kickers
  • Exposed concrete, cantilevered steel awnings, exposed steel columns, and glue-lam beams designed as architecturally visible features
  • Custom steel railings
  • Hydronic passive heating system
  • Designed to preserve mature trees throughout the property