Hotel Cerro

San Luis Obispo, CA

Project Stats

This boutique downtown hotel came to life over many iterations of design and complex coordination as the project sits in very close proximity to existing neighboring buildings, includes entrances on three diferent downtown streets, contains a rooftop pool (the base was craned in to place), and houses a state-of-the-art spa facility. These features are all above and beyond the various hotel room styles and other amenity, restaurant, and retail spaces over lift system parking. For the Hotel Cerro in San Luis Obispo, Ashley & Vance Engineering designed on some unique details such as the “bubble-walls” in the on-site spa. It serves as an art piece with moving water flowing behind glass requiring special attention for structural support. Some of the stand out portions of this extensive and challenging project include: the rooftop pool, car-lifts for high density parking, gardens to serve the in-house restaurant and distillery, and the other green-focused features.