Jardin de las Rosas

Santa Barbara, CA

Project Stats

This ground up apartment complex has been a wonderful addition to the revitalized “Haley Corridor” in downtown Santa Barbara. It provides both high-quality affordable housing and a community center that includes a strategic gathering space, administrative offices, a classroom, and laundry facilities. The corridors, elevator tower, and stairwells effectively tie three different buildings together and allow for easy access and passage from the extensive tuck-under parking in all parts of the complex.

Construction included:

  • 40 affordable apartments
  • 46-car garage
  • 3,400 square foot community center

Features: Interior courtyard, long-span post-tensioned concrete beams, arched openings, wrought iron handrails, exposed timber porch beams


Type V wood framing

  • Pre-manufactured roof trusses
  • Post-tensioned concrete podium deck


Photos: Patrick W. Price