Vista Del Robles Residence

Arroyo Grande, California

Project Stats

AV was proud to provide both structural and civil engineering services on this stunning home in Arroyo Grande, California.

Structural Engineering

This new 4500 sq.ft. single-story single family custom residence has an attached 800 sq.ft. garage/workshop as well as detached two-story 1800 sq.ft. pool house / bunk room. The structure consists of flat roofs with overhangs up to 18’-0” and wall plate heights up to 14’-0”. Steel beams and columns were utilized to achieve the clear span and aggressive cantilever of the main house upper roof. To support a robust structural fascia, multiple squat glulam beams were utilized to achieve the large overhanging roof over the outdoor kitchen and bar at the pool house.

Civil Engineering
  • The home was built on a hillside with an average slope 18%
  • During construction, a temporary spring was discovered and additional drainage infrastructure was installed to divert water around the home
  • Stormwater bypass infrastructure was built to protect the properties downhill from the new home from increased runon. This also rerouted the runon from the uphill home to the drainage easement down hill.
  • About 10,000 cubic yards of earth were moved to complete the project and it required close coordination with our structural team to design 10′ retaining walls and foundations


Architect: Isaman Design

Contractor: Stalwork