Djerassi  Resudent Artist Program Studios– Woodside, CA

Project Info: 

The Djerassi Studios are situated near the top of the Santa Cruz Mountains, with striking views of the open landscape below and Pacific Ocean beyond. They are a place where a handful of talented artists, from all over the world, are invited each year to spend a month at a time, reflecting and creating. 

Each of the four studios measures fifteen by thirty feet. They are oriented at varying angles and sited to maximize privacy and optimize the panoramic view. Due to the hillside setting, sheer amount of rainfall at the site, and expansive soil conditions, the studios are constructed on drilled pier, grade beam, and structural slab foundation system. Conventional timber framing and plywood shear walls were utilized due to economy and challenging site access.

The Djerrasi Program has long been committed to sustainability, and the construction of the studios embodies this through the use of FSC certified lumber, engineered lumber, and high-fly ash content concrete. In addition, a drilled pier and grade beam foundation supports a pre-manufactured metal canopy above the cabins containing a photovoltaic system which provides the majority of the power used by the studios.

Architect: CCS Architecture

Contractor: Bill Brown Construction Company

Photo Credit: Paul Dyer

Contact: Matthew Tropp, SE
Ph: (510) 473-2221 x177

Completed while with JYASF