Red Panda Exhibit


Ashley & Vance Engineering is assisting with a project for the Paddock Zoo in Atascadero, California. The adorable red panda will soon have a new home by fall 2015. The exhibit was planned with AV for civil and structural engineering which met American Disabilities Act requirements. The layout is designed to allow the visitors of the zoo to access to both ground level as well as tree top for observing.

Upon entering the exhibit, visitors will be greeted with an entry feature identifying the exhibit as well as being surrounded by several species of bamboo against the retaining walls. A ground level viewing can be accessed off to the main path, just left of the exhibit. The design leads with a wood-like pathway to two additional levels. One level can be accessed by stairs or a ramp. The next level continues from the previous by only ramp access.

The project includes an Asian bird aviary area in between the slopped paths, as well as potential accessible viewing for a future exhibit off of the highest platform.

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Red Panda Exhibit
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