Room of Rest Opens in Paso


PR Restroom_1 A new room of rest, or more traditionally, “restroom,” has recently been opened at the City of Paso Robles’ downtown park.  Teaming up with Ravatt Albrecht and the City of Paso Robles, Chad Pruett, P.E., worked to provide structural engineering design and support for the 1500 sq.ft. restroom facility.  Located near the historic Carnegie building, a Classic Revival library of flushed brick and grey stone trim, the new restroom building sits among large old valley oaks and magnolias. PR Restroom_2 Utilizing a combination of masonry and timber construction, the facility is both efficient and durable, allowing it to house 10 single-use toilets, a urinal room, separate exterior grade lavatories, and low-flow fixtures. You may not guess it, but this restroom adds functionality and aesthetic appeal to a park that’s regarded by many as integral to the city’s overall makeup.  We’re proud to be a part of a project that’s making an immediate positive impact on the community! PR Restroom_3