Happy EngineerIt’s been a tough winter for everyone, and AV has answered the call!  Recent severe winter weather in Central Oregon brought excessive snowfall, causing the catastrophic collapse of ​several structures, including the gymnasium at Bend’s Kenwood Elementary School.  Ashley & Vance Engineering responded to the onslaught of requests for emergency structural evaluations by mobilizing three teams of engineers to analyze buildings for life-safety.  We were able to evaluate over 30 buildings in 24 hours for Crook County School District, Redmond School District, Bend Park & Recreation District, Deschutes County, Central Oregon Community College, and others.  “Our goal was to help identify which buildings were the highest risk and to come up with an emergency snow removal plan to help prioritize the effort” says John Fischer, Structural Principal at the AV Bend office.  “We felt that it was our responsibility to drop everything and respond to this need.  It was impressive to see the community come together to help keep these buildings safe.”  And based on the smile on the face of AV Bend’s Jackson Kelly, they seemed to enjoy helping out!  Proud of the work they did out there!