You want to cantilever HOW far?!


Construction is nearing completion on an impressive and unique pool house structure. Set against the backdrop of the rolling hills of Edna Valley, this modern pool house pushes the limits of design by challenging what’s possible for a cantilevered roof structure. Joining forces with Isaman Design, Chad Pruett, P.E. of Ashley & Vance saw the project through from concept to completion. Upon receiving the design drawings, the common echo around the office sounded something like “You want to cantilever HOW far?!” poolhouse Eager to deliver, Chad utilized rectangular steel sections to achieve a cantilever that was 5 times greater than the backspan. In order to resolve the large forces inherent in that configuration, custom welded brackets were designed for anchorage to the CMU wall running along the back of the pool house. The result? An uninhibited space with wide open sight lines, able to be enjoyed under the comfort of a roof covering. While onsite during the final stages of construction, the homeowner was quoted as saying, “Chad, you will be my hero if this works.” Well sir, based on the picture above, it’s safe to say a “hero” of sorts has emerged from this project!